The DBA Waterways Guide holds information about moorings and other features on the canals and rivers of Europe. 

Each mooring has a description and details of charges and facilities available, at the mooring or nearby and can be plotted on the map.

Hazards and other information can also be entered.

A list for a single canal or an entire country can be downloaded as a pdf file for use offline - or as a set of map-markers for Google Earth or a Sat-Nav app.

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How it works

The Guide relies on members keeping it uptodate.  Everything in the Guide is edited for clarity & consistency by the Guide Editor but accuracy  relies on everyone using it to correct anything wrong or adding anything missing, however small.  It takes very little effort to update an entry online.

The star rating for moorings is in the judgement of the last member reporting on the mooring.  The ratings are:
0 Doubtful -  possible but undesirable for some reason that should be apparent from the comments. Or simply unrated!
1 Adequate - a sound mooring with nothing in particular to recommend it, perhaps with some disadvantage, like road noise.
2 Good -  with some positive attraction, e.g. peaceful, nice view or good facilities/amenities
3 Very Good - generally with plentiful facilities and ameneties and a pleasant place.
The classification is vague, as a single rating can only be - a mooring could be 'Good' for a variety of reasons but the text should explain.  The editor will sometimes modify a rating that seems inconsistent. If there is a mooring you think is wrongly classified - feel free to change it!

As soon as you submit an update you will be sent an email receipt, like ".... update, 'Guide 8690 - 'Keizerspark' Version 2 (Gent City) submitted for approval'  Note the 'submitted for approval'. Your update will not appear immediately.   Once the Guide editor has checked and approved the update, you will be sent email confirmation that it has been incorporated into the guide.  The delay before approval depends on the editors time and access to the internet; most often it will happen the same or next day but could be longer if the editor is on holiday or bereft of internet.  Should it not appear, contact the editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Please don't update the same entry again before receiving confirmation of the first update!   This creates two new entries, one of which must be deleted.

To add a new entry,  select a country, then click the 'Add a new Mooring' button