Members who own any type of vessel – are invited to share information about their barge in the Barge Register.

Wonder if a fellow member owns that passing barge? With around 800 members' boats on our register you may well find that they are!  With the ability to search by Age, Name, Length or Type of boat, the register makes it easy to see if they are members.

You fly your burgee so why not add your details here? In addition to details, it’s possible to add photos of your pride & joy.

Details about equipment may help other members with similar equipment to share their knowledge or to seek advice through our private messaging feature whilst information about the size, age and type of vessel helps the Association understand our members’ barges and interests.

ALL members are encouraged to add their boats to the BR, whether barges or other types of boat!


There are two search facilities:

  • Whose Barge? – provides the keeper’s name/s
  • Full Register – shows the boat name with brief details

The Register may be used to search for historic and technical information about barges belonging to past and present members. There is a facility to contact members should you wish to exchange information; some members may choose not to enable this.