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TOPIC: Piecing together the history of our vessel: Vriendschap

Piecing together the history of our vessel: Vriendschap 11 Jan 2018 09:10 #96232

No information on the history however Paul has some of my old items onboard already as he took the large German stove from my hold as well as some excess radiators. I've a freezer for him at the moment as well, although that might not work with the lack of shore power.

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Piecing together the history of our vessel: Vriendschap 03 Jan 2018 18:54 #96105

  • Dani Ellis
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Hi all,

I was pointed in the direction of DBA by Chris Grant whom I came across looking for information about our new ship, the MV Vriendschap.

Back in October one of my best friends saved this impressive 50m Dutch Barge from the scrap merchant in Barking, London, and together he and I along with a couple of other close friends and assortment of volunteers have been working to make her habitable again. You can follow our progress here: www.facebook.com/groups/127173901311421/

Our plan is to provide 7 or 8 bedrooms with a recreation and kitchen area, along with a large community space, a lounge, and a kitchen for use by visitors. This will all be managed by a CIC (non-profit company) with proceeds funding her ongoing restoration. We have no access to shore power, water or gas where we are so are aiming to be self sufficient for power and water with a 40-panel solar array, wind turbine and rainwater harvesting. Heating is to be decided but will probably be a combination of wood/coal heaters and gas. During the Summer months I hope to use solar and wind dump-load heating for hot water.

We have been slowly piecing together her history from other boaters that know of her, as well as documents and plans left aboard and a few things we've found online. To start, we know the previous owners were Paul and Britt, an Anglo-Danish couple of Cambridge academics, and that they abandonded their conversion before completion. We recently found a website Paul set up back around 2000 with some information about Vriendschap, which they also called The Black Pig (after Cap'n Pugwash) and Morfars Vriendschap (from the Danish for maternal grandfather): vriendschap.tripod.com/

We found a registration document online (which escapes me at the moment) suggesting she is a Kempenaar class laid down in 1926, however the website above says she's a Rhineaak built in 1889. Chris pointed out that 1926 might well be the date of registration rather than construction.
She was brought over in 1994 having been owned and worked by Lammert and Tinnie Van der Veen in the Netherlands for over 50 years and worked on until around 2005.

If anyone knows any more about Vrienschap, the Clement family or the Van der Veens I would love to hear. There are personal effects left aboard (photos and records) and we would like to return them to their rightful owners and let them and the vessel's previous family know that she is in good hands.

Many thanks


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