By using the DBA Forum you agree to conform to the Forum Rules, below.

It is very easy to use a discussion Forum in ways that annoy other users.  The following guidelines can help you avoid doing this:

  • Only send messages likely to be of interest to a significant number of other people.
  • Make the subject line short but informative.
  • Make sure your message is appropriate to the Forum Category you are posting to.
  • Use 'plain text' format rather than Rich Text/HTML for the body of your message.
  • If you are not certain of the accuracy of information you post, say so.


  • Don't send messages aimed at only one or two people in the group - email them directly instead.
  • Don't send 'Thank-you's or Seasons Greetings to the lists.
  • Never make personal attacks on other subscribers. Criticise ideas, not people!
  • Keep your language moderate.
  • Avoid defamation or damage to the reputation of commercial suppliers.
  • No advertisements.
  • AVOID CAPITALISING EVERYTHING. Capitalising is the equivalent of shouting and ill-mannered.
  • Don't send attachments by email.  You may do so on the online Forum
  • Never mark DBA email as spam with your ISP, it may cause other DBA emails to be discarded


  • Make sure a reply relates to the subject. If not, start a new subject (Topic).
  • When posting a reply, remove earlier messages except for parts that relate to your reply.
  • When posting a reply, change the subject line if the topic has changed
  • If you reply to an old post from the archive make it clear that's what you have done.


  • Don't reply on a different mailing list or Category to the original message without good reason 
  • If you do reply on a different list or Category,  mention that this is what you are doing.
  • Avoid sending the same message to multiple lists except where there is a good reason. Wanting to mail as many people as possible is not a good reason.

If you would like to comment on these guidelines post your comment to the Association Matters list or to the mail administrators.

In the event of a breach of the Rules or to prevent one the Forum Administrators may moderate posts (i.e. hold and approve or reject) by subject or by individual.

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