The DBA Forum is a place for Members to take part in discussions and to ask and answer questions on any topic relating to barges and barging.

The Forum is organised into several sections:

Barge Life Life afloat, interests, hobbies and communications - any topic not covered by the other categories
Barges barges and barging: buying, equipment, handling and anything related.
Continental travelling and living on the waterways of mainland Europe
GB&Ireland travelling and living on the waterways of Great Britain and Ireland
Sailing discussion about sailing barges
Stoppages news of unscheduled stoppages, emergencies and exceptional water levels, anywhere.
DBA News (members only) discussion about the DBA itself,
Brexit and Bargees (members only)  Factual information & discussion about Brexit
Forum & Website (members only) discussion about the Forum and Website.
Bar Chat (members only) discussion about any subject

All sections except those marked Members Only     
    - can be read by the public and found by Google searches.
     - are moderated for exceptions to the Forum Rules and for topics in the wrong Category.

All past conversations are stored, so they can be quickly searched to find previous answers to a question. You should always search the Forum or Knowledgebase before asking a question - it may have been discussed and answered just a few days ago or covered in a KB article.

Any Member can browse old messages, start a new topic or reply to one. The public can only browse. Members are recommended to search the forum before posting a question as the answer may already exist.

The public and Google searches have access to the DBA Forum so that people interested in barges can easily find the DBA and hopefully join us.

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The DBA Forum is normally not moderated. However...

If messages breach the DBA Forum Rules the moderators may remove them or hold any further messages from an individual for approval. In extreme cases a member may be barred from posting to the Forum. 

If topics are posted to the wrong Category the moderators may move them to the correct Category.