DBA Diksmuide Rally
From Thursday 12 June 2014
To Monday 16 June 2014
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In 2014 the 100th anniversary of the commencement of World War One will be commemorated by ceremonies throughout Flanders. As the home of the Gate Of Peace and the Ijzer Tower (IJzertoren) Diksmuide, Flanders, Belgium will be at the centre of these ceremonies.

In recognition of the British contribution in the Diksmuide area during the hostilities of World War one, the local yacht club De Ijzer Vaarders Diksmuide (DYVD) has invited the DBA to hold a rally using  the DYVD facilities on 13, 14,15 June 2014.


There will be space for probably 32  barges, at a squash we could manage 34 barges  on the DYVD pontoons which are in the centre of Diksmuide across the canal from the Gate of Peace and Iyzer Tower. Power and water will be available for all participating barges.  Most of the events that are likely to take place are fairly well organised now, though there will need to be some room for manoeuvre  in the detail planning as we are still 4 months away.  It is, however a great time to pencil the dates in and fill in the registration form which is available in the Library.


The programme (updated 28/11/13): 

From mid-day on the 11th June barges will be welcomed as they arrive and will be invited to moor along the long 280 metre quay opposite the Ijzer Tower, we will be mooring barges two deep all the way along the quay.

The mooring along the long quay for a complete week is what you get for your £48 mooring fee( a fairly massive reduction on the normal price (we have Roger Lemothe to thank for that, he got in really quickly with Walter, the Yacht Club Commodore and secured a good price). Ones personal contribution of £72 buys you the Meet and Greet and an official reception which will be held in the Cultural Centre in the middle of town about 500 metres from the moorings on Friday evening.

Menin Gate - Ieper

On Saturday we have arranged transport to take you to the "Death Trenches" a short distance from Diksmuide  (this was a particularly busy spot during the First World War). This will be followed by a trip into Ypres ( Ieper ) , there you can spend the afternoon, there are restaurants for lunch followed by several museums (should you wish to visit them) followed by a visit to the Menin Gate at 20-00 for the Last Post Ceremony where we plan to lay a DBA wreath. Afterwards we will return to the moorings at Diksmuide via the transport for the night.


On Sunday morning there is an opportunity to visit the Yser Tower, just across the bridge from the moorings. It is visible , just left of centre in the picture of the moorings on the website. If you are not museumed out by then , it is probably the best WW1 museum, locally anyway. After that we have arranged a BBQ lunch on the quay at Diksmuide, right by the moorings to round things off


Monday 16th June is market day in Diksmuide.

After that barges are free to disperse, but the moorings are paid from Mid-day on Wednesday 11th June to Mid-day on wednesday 18th June 2014. There is discussion going on about various deals being available with Belgian Barging Associations to reduce the cost of moorings at various locations as you make your approach to Diksmuide, and as you leave. Seemingly, quite significant reductions in mooring charges are available.
 Watch this space and Blue Flag for updates as they become available.


Transit in and out.

The Belgian/ Flanders boating association VPF has decided to make our visit to Flanders this year even more enjoyable than it was already shaping up to be by offering us discounted mooring rates at various locations on the way to and from Flanders and Diksmuide.

So, from 6th June to the 24th June 2014 we will be able to get the following discounts in Gent (Lindelei/Ketelvest), Brugge (Coupure) and Lier. We will get two nights in each marina at half price.

DBA Vessels must be able to show a document indicating that they are taking part in the Diksmuide DBA Rally 2014 . The idea is to allow us to take in more of Flanders in a reasonably relaxed way and dally a bit in each of those locations. This is coupled with the use of the long quay at Diksmuide for a week from mid-day on Wednesday 11 June 2014 for the duration of the Rally until mid-day on Wednesday 18th June 2014; 7 days later, for merely the mooring price that we will be charged at the Rally. There will be no further mooring charge for that week. What nice people!! Please note that Dikesmuide Yacht Club is expecting a 100 motor boats on Wednesday 18th June, so please ensure that you have left your mooring by noon on the 18th, thank you.


Proposed Group Passage up the Schelde towards Dixmuide: Wintam to Gent

(from Bob Drake, who will be on the June 7 passage)

It is proposed that anyone participating in the Dixmuide Rally, coming from the NL or from Eastern France via Belgium may be interested in joining a Group passage of DBA members going up the ZeeSchelde to Gent en route.   Of course, navigation with such a group is understood to be at one's own risk.  
Anyone so interested should plan on joining a fleet setting off from Wintam lock (Zeesluis ), on the south side of the Zeeschelde at Wintam, where the Canal from Brussels joins the Schelde; at 4° 18' East and 51° 07' North.  On Saturday  the 7th June, Low Water at Wintam is at 06.23hrs, 34 mins later than Low Water Antwerp.   Flood Tide is expected to begin at 06.30hrs.  Passage thro' the lock , which measures 250m x 25m, from the south, should be planned about 30 mins before Flood Tide, as the lock is sometimes heavily used by large Commercial barges with lengths up to 110metres and up to 5, 000 tonnes and the operation may be slow.   The lockkeeper may be contacted on VHF 68 or by phone on 00323 860 6293 to ask for instructions on passage thru'.  Most keepers speak good English and may ask vessels to go ahead, behind or alongside large Commercials. Skippers and crews are professional but friendly.
Those going up the Schelde from Wintam need to allow up to 4.5 hrs passage. Skippers are advised to use the same navigation channel as commercials, keeping to outside of bends, roughly one third of the River width away from the bank on the outside of the bend.  We have had Commercial Skippers call on the radio to suggest an option passing on the wrong side.
Similar passages could be made by others wishing to leave Wintam at 07.25hrs on Sunday 8th ; or 08.24hrs on Monday 9th June.

Overnight is possible just above Wintam lock and also at Klein Willebroek yacht Clubs, off the main canal, avoiding barge swell."


Location Diksmuide, Flanders, Belgium