Training Schools


Aquaplanning    AquaPlanning,  Rotterdam, Netherlands


    RYA recognised for ICC tests, CEVNI, diesel, radar, SRC VHF


BC logo


Barge Consult   Caernarfon, Wales, UK.


Advice and training for inland waterways users and operators.




Bargecraft Ltd of Castlenaudry, S. France


Boathandling and RYA=approved for ICC



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Barging in Europe   Lyden, Western Australia. 


Barge handling, chartering and sales in Europe.


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Bisham Abbey Sailing & Navigation School     River Thames, UK.


  RYA approved centre, VHF licences etc. 




MTBH pic  Mid-Thames Boat Handling School  River Thames, UK.


  Boat handling courses on owners own boats. Not RYA approved.




 TBH pic  Trent Boat Handling  River Trent, UK.


   RYA approved training, narrowboat and barge handling, VHF tests etc.

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