Blue Flag - The Barge Association Magazine

Blue Flag - The Barge Association Magazine

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Blue Flag 116 February 2016

Compulsory AIS in France;  Hello DBA: GreetIngs from Chairman of the German DTMV (Deutsche-Tradition-Motorboot-Vereinigung);  Generating power from sails;  Why Roelf Aukema chose to go barging;  Numax batteries - a member’s experience;  DBA’s 24th AGM;  Repelling Rodents;  The Bill Cooper column;  Howling at the Moon;  Chateaux of the Bourgogne 2.

Blue Flag 120 December 2016

We didn’t mean to go to sea ; The Laurel Cooper column ; Hidden Harbour ; Vreeswijk Vol Vaart ; Going off Grid ; Small barge to the Baltic and beyond part III

Blue Flag 123 June 2017

Twenty five years of barging with the DBA,  Founder members recollect,  Klipperings, News and letters, Twenty five years of advertising in Blue Flag,  Chatham rally,  Auxerre rally,  Through the porthole with Actief, The Laurel Cooper column