Blue Flag - The Barge Association Magazine

Blue Flag - The Barge Association Magazine

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Blue Flag 116 February 2016

Compulsory AIS in France;  Hello DBA: GreetIngs from Chairman of the German DTMV (Deutsche-Tradition-Motorboot-Vereinigung);  Generating power from sails;  Why Roelf Aukema chose to go barging;  Numax batteries - a member’s experience;  DBA’s 24th AGM;  Repelling Rodents;  The Bill Cooper column;  Howling at the Moon;  Chateaux of the Bourgogne 2.

Blue Flag 117 June 2016

Sojourn – Stepping-out on a barge in France,  Crossing the English Channel in a barge,  Flag conventions on inland waterways,  Fitting a prop tunnel and 'fishtail' rudder, R ijnstroom IV,  European Boating Association,  French Waterway Service Plans,  French adventures barging on the Betty B,  The Bill Cooper column,  Paul Goldsack 1939 - 2016, 
Farewell to Guy and Ruth Toye.

Blue Flag 118 August 2016

Tragic death of DBA member Jo Cox; Mooring securely in Paris; Living and motoring on a converted barge in France; Continental rally report from Briare; Rijnstroom IV part II; The Laurel Cooper column; Small barge to the Baltic and beyond part I; Through the porthole; Membership matters.

Blue Flag 119 October 2016

It’s a Swiss kind of thing - below the waterline; To Paris and back from Auxerre; La Tulipe at Oostende voor Anker
The long village; Small barge to the Baltic and beyond part II; A day in the life of a shipyard.

Blue Flag 120 December 2016

We didn’t mean to go to sea ; The Laurel Cooper column ; Hidden Harbour ; Vreeswijk Vol Vaart ; Going off Grid ; Small barge to the Baltic and beyond part III

Blue Flag 121 February 2017

Annual General Meeting, Lord Mayor’s Show, The Canal de Bourgogne and Châteaux, Water tanks, time for a refurb? Small barge to the Baltic and beyond part IV, Through the porthole, The Laurel Cooper column.

Blue Flag 122 April 2017

From the Chair, Klipperings, News and lettersMembership matters;

Getting started in barging; Lotte at Dunkirk; Water treatment UV LED; Post on your barge; TRIWV inspections; Bowthrusters; Biggles mission . . . . target Abingdon; Through the porthole with CelestiaThe Laurel Cooper column

Blue Flag 123 June 2017

Twenty five years of barging with the DBA,  Founder members recollect,  Klipperings, News and letters, Twenty five years of advertising in Blue Flag,  Chatham rally,  Auxerre rally,  Through the porthole with Actief, The Laurel Cooper column

Blue Flag 124 August 2017

Travels on the Moselle; Being safe around your ship; Ice, Ice Baby, an ice free barge in the winter; Condensation free windows; The wild mooring; Preview of the new DBA website; Through the porthole with Janske; 

Blue Flag 125 October 2017

Thames Discoverer,  Using drones on a barge in Europe,  Being safe around your ship,  A group 'saunter' into Germany,  Is your rudder holding you back?,  Post-barging therapy,  Through the porthole with Jana,  The Laurel Cooper column.

Blue Flag 126 December 2017

Rally news;   A first French odyssey;  Comms on board, staying connected;  Going up the Rhône and Saône; The tale of a ship's cat;  Through the porthole with Lauwrence;  The Laurel Cooper column.