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Blue Flag 116 February 2016 Blue Flag 116 February 2016

Compulsory AIS in France;  Hello DBA: GreetIngs from Chairman of the German DTMV (Deutsche-Tradition-Motorboot-Vereinigung);  Generating power from sails;  Why Roelf Aukema chose to go barging;  Numax batteries - a member’s experience;  DBA’s 24th AGM;  Repelling Rodents;  The Bill Cooper column;  Howling at the Moon;  Chateaux of the Bourgogne 2.

Blue Flag Sample Copy Blue Flag Sample Copy

DBA fights ‘Floating Homes' plan.  Facelift for Queenborough.  Canals: making of nation.  Barge handling: mooring up.  Friesland: a place “to stay forever”.  The metamorphosis of ‘Anna Maria’.  Ship’s clock: a must have?  Cruising to Bordeaux.  Lament for the keel.