Trouble Logging in?

Are you a member having trouble logging in to the web site?


To login to the DBA web site ( you need to know your Username and Password.  If you can't remember one or both of these, you can recover them - provided you know the email address you registered with DBA.

Forgotten everything?

Email, asking for your registered email address.  If you have changed your email address since joining, our Membership Secretary can change your DBA records to the new address.

Know your email address - but not your Username?

Under the 'Login/Out' tab, click on 'Forgot your username?' (below the Login button).  You will be asked your email address and then sent an email containing your Username, as

          A username reminder has been requested for your DBA The Barge Association account.

Your username is test.member.

Know your email address and Username - but not your Password?

Under the 'Login/Out' tab, click on 'Forgot your password?' (below the Login button).  You will be asked your email address and then sent an email containing a code, as

          A request has been made to reset your DBA The Barge Association account password. To reset your password, you will need to submit this verification code in order to verify that the request was legitimate.

The verification code is 2225fe4f46b6f7fbe323ad44e5579542

Click on the URL below to enter the verification code and proceed with resetting your password. view=reset&layout=confirm

 Enter your Username and the verification code and you will be taken to a page where you can choose a new password. You will then be taken to the login page.       

HintDont try to copy the Verification code by hand!  Copy & Paste it*. 

Would you like a simpler Username?

Until 2013, all usernames were the same as the email address.  Now, you can use a shorter name, like JohnSmith if you like. Once logged in, visit 'My Details' (from the Quick Menu or under the 'Members' tab) where you can choose a new Username (or password).  You can also change your other details here.

Are you the second member in a Family Subscription?

You can use exactly the procedures above BUT the main member for the subscription can find your Email address and Username in 'My Details'. The Username will have been created automatically from the first and last names, as janesmith  If you have just upgraded to a Family membership, the second member needs to follow the 'forgotten password' procedure above to obtain their personal password.

Still have a problem?

Email for help.


*(Copy & Paste? In the email, Double-click the code (which should highlight it all), then Right-click it and choose Copy.   In the Verification code box on the web page, Right-click and choose Paste.)