The DBA Waterways Guide holds information about moorings and other features on the canals and rivers of Europe. 

Each mooring has a description and details of charges and facilities available, at the mooring or nearby and can be plotted on the map.

Hazards and other information can also be entered.

How it works

The content of the Guide is from members on the spot. That means you!

The Editor checks updates for clarity & consistency but accuracy  relies on everyone who uses the Guide to keep it 'live'.

It takes very little effort to update an entry online

As soon as you submit an update the editor will be sent details of your changes.  Please don't update the same entry again before receiving confirmation of the first update!   This creates two new entries, one of which must be deleted.

Once the Guide editor has checked and approved the update, you will be sent email confirmation that it has been incorporated into the guide.  This may take a few minutes or a couple of days if the editor is off-duty!   If your changes don't appear, contact the editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

To add a new entry,  select a country, then click the 'Add a new Mooring' button