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TOPIC: Hydraulic Bow Thrusters

Hydraulic Bow Thrusters 13 Oct 2019 19:20 #110404

Ian, we once had some rubbish in the prop which blocked the props completely. After clearing we could only see a ripple instead of a strong current.
Turned out that the the teeth of the gear had been ripped of. So the prop turned, but feebly.
As Baliol pointed out you should nog be able to turn the prop by hand. If you can it could be the gear.
You could contact the bow thrusters supplier, they may have some pointers (mine did).
If you have to be lifted, only the front end has to.
Good luck. Michel

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Rebecca Mater/Michel de Lange
luxemotor 't Majeur

Hydraulic Bow Thrusters 13 Oct 2019 16:58 #110398

  • Balliol Fowden
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The first and easiest thing to check is whether the propeller is clean and properly secured. With everything off (of course!,) the prop should feel secure and should not turn.

It is most unlikely that the hydraulic pump or motor will be faulty. They are usually pretty bomb proof. It could be that the oil filters are blocked. There should a high pressure filter, also usually a return line filter. The former is usually obvious. The latter is often a strainer within the reservoir.

The next port of call might be the valve block. If manual then these are usually pretty reliable, but if as is more usual they are electro-mechanical (I.e. solenoid valves) then there could be problems with weak solenoids, poor electrical supply etc. Many valves are pilot operated with a small solenoid opening a small oil way to supply hydraulic pressure to operate the main fluid valves.

If the prop and filters are OK then you probably need the services of a hydraulic engineer to diagnose beyond that. However, if you can work out which hoses go where you might be able to feel the main supply hoses to the motor jumping as the thruster is blipped on and off at the joystick.


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Hydraulic Bow Thrusters 13 Oct 2019 13:57 #110384

  • Ian Holliday
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Anybody out there know anything about hydraulic bow-thrusters ?
Since we have had our current boat (about 2 years) our bow thruster has gone from poor to nigh on useless.
The belts to the pump are ok they can squeak a bit but seem to turn the pump adequately. There’s plenty of fluid in the reservoir and I can hear/see the propeller moving the water a bit but it does not have any power.
I don’t know which end to start at do I strip the pump or is the likely problem going to be at the other end which will involve an out of water experience.

Any thoughts / suggestions welcomed

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