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TOPIC: European Boating Association October meeting

European Boating Association October meeting 05 Nov 2019 00:49 #111156

Thank you, Andy, for representing our interests at the EBA, particularly w.r.t. ES-TRIN. Your dedication and perspicacity know no bounds. We are all in your debt.



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European Boating Association October meeting 03 Nov 2019 19:47 #111124

  • Andy Soper
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I attended the European Boating Association (EBA) meeting on 18 and 19 October. My report here covers only those discussions with a direct impact on barges.

European Certificate (ES_TRIN)
The first meeting on 18 October was the ES-TRIN sub-group. It had representation from UK, DE and NL.
It was again noted that our principal aim is to limit the spread of inappropriate legislation which may be essential for commercials but unnecessary for recreational boats. Chapter 26 (Recreational vessels) continues to be a small sub-set of the overall ES-TRIN regulations.
It was noted that from 1 January 2019 all 20m LOA and 100 CUM craft must have a certificate if they are afloat in EU inland waters (except for UK). The 'manifest danger' clause expired on 31 December 2018 and all ships that have not been certificated now have to comply with every clause listed in Chapter 26.
We identified a number of risk areas where ES-TRIN regulation has been introduced but not included in Chapter 26
AIS test procedures
Electric Propulsion
Electrical standards
and representatives were asked to identify any further issues. We agreed that EBA should not raise the issue of their omission from Chapter 26 but should be ready to challenge if proposed.
EBA has written to the European Commission challenging the application of the 100 CUM rule to recreational ships. It was originally intended to capture short, wide and deep cargo vessels which would be an increased risk if not certified. As recreational craft are never laden with cargo this is a lesser risk. The Directive comes up for review next year so the timing of the challenge is appropriate
Engines – it is difficult to make a case for recreational vessels to be exempt from legislation intended to reduce pollution. However - it is possible to challenge the sense in replacing a perfectly serviceable engine with a new engine in recreational craft just because the certificate was issued after 1 Jan 2019. This will be part of the EBA submission for changes to ES-TRIN next year.
The review of Chapter 26 has been delayed to next year so the challenges that include anchor size, fuel filling arrangements, low fuel alarm, fire extinguishers, lifebuoys etc will not be discussed until then.
Doubtless this will seem to readers to be a very slow process but it is typical of the timescale of changes to waterway legislation. At least there is a process for amendment and it does limit the speed at which new restrictions can be imposed!

Notes from the Main Meeting
End of Life Boats
France have set up an organisation - APER - www.recyclermonbateau.fr/ to manage the dismantling and recycling of grp boats. It is financed by taxation on both new and existing boats. France has the advantage of an existing tax DAFN which can be used to provide some of the finance. They have 19 dismantlers signed up with 2500 boats processed and 450 boats in the pipeline.
EBA has raised membership fees for the first time in ten years. This will be an increase of £62.84 pa for DBA. The books now balance with a small surplus. Fees will be increased to reflect inflation in future years.
There has been a proposal to change the CEVNI requirements for the wearing of lifejackets (PFD) to 'reflect ES-TRIN rules'. This is a clear example of creeping legislation as the ES-TRIN words reflected are those for commercial craft on the RHINE! The Secretariat have been asked to rebuff the proposal robustly as it is significantly different from the EBA position.
The proposal was:
6. The members of the crew and other persons on board shall wear the life jackets specified in
Article cannot be shown
The following user(s) said Thank You: Peter Mossman, John Wilson, Ian McCauley

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Best Wishes
Andy Soper
DBA Director Representation and Treasurer
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