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TOPIC: Refleks 61ms

Refleks 61ms 26 Nov 2019 14:56 #111702

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We had a smaller model, I think the 66M, in a narrowboat many years ago and it was OK, but these vapourising burners do need a perfect draught to function well and reliably. I recall it was also very difficult to clean out: you had to reach down from the top to scrape out the burner pot blind, and with sharp metal around your arm.

We also inherited a much bigger Somy boiler when we bought Actief. Same principle basically. The advantage of the Somy was that you could easily drop the burner pot out, take it outside and attack the baked on carbon deposits outside as if you were scrubbing a hurnt saucepan..

The real problem with both was that if the draught was not perfect or they overfuelled then they could burn yellow and sooty. I recall some problems with the Refleks but the Somy was worse, despite having a good long flue, albeit not twin wall insulated, and an Aspiromat cowl. We did not dare to leave this unit running in case the burn changed, in which case the boiler would pump oily soot out onto everything downwind. The soot would also bake on to the surface of the pot, meaning that the metal did not heat up properly, hence the oil did not vapourise properly, hence more soot!

For long term heating I would not have either again. A pressure jet central heating boiler is far better, and probably more efficient. For occasional saloon heat, a licing fire perhaps, then I would go for either a wood burner or a pot burner, but I would probably be looking at something like a Bubble (Harworth Heating). I have no experience of these but would specifically be looking to see if it was easy to clean out.

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Refleks 61ms 26 Nov 2019 10:38 #111695

Other forums such as cruising yachts rate then highly for use in the Patagonian and Norway region. Particular like are low maintence and no power for the burner benefits however while they may burn for 6 month straight they don't leave them unattended.
I guess if you are sailing south of Patagonia your probably unlikely to hop off the yacht to check out the local shops.
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Refleks 61ms 26 Nov 2019 10:07 #111693

I too need to put heating into a 16m barge next year. A Refleks in the saloon with a small radiator in each of the end cabins is an interesting alternative to a Kabola or Bubble in the engine room. I'd also be interested in anyone's experience of them.

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Refleks 61ms 23 Nov 2019 15:19 #111666

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Has any got or had one of these to heat their barge?
I have one from a previous barge and need to get some heating into a new project, so I’ve used one before and found it to be both reliable and pretty efficient But heard mixed reviews of their safety. Gjw say it’s fine provides it’s installed properly. Anyone got anything they can say about it?
Thanks in advance

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