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TOPIC: De-Corona-ising

De-Corona-ising 15 Apr 2020 18:24 #115275

  • Balliol Fowden
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Perhaps just try rocking the engines with a spanner on the crankshaft pulley to make sure they are free before turning over. Some fogging oil or Duck Oil sprayed down the air intake might also be prudent (not WD40, or silicone based lubricant).

Expect a few other bugs to emerge in systems: seized shower mixers etc. if the water in the system is hard.

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De-Corona-ising 15 Apr 2020 01:50 #115267

We have a similar winterising process. After a nominal 6 month layover we check all the battery electrolyte levels, charge status and terminals. Check all engine liquids and top up if necessary. With the engine I crank over for about 15 seconds with the fuel stop on to pump oil around the engine then start as usual.
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De-Corona-ising 14 Apr 2020 18:14 #115265

  • Pete Clark
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I normally do not 'de-winterise' my elderly 21m barge, as such. I leave the boat on shore power and set the CH to tickover and rely on a sensor to sms me if the mains power fails or the temperature falls below 5°C. I normally go over once a month or so to check on things, turn over the engine (DAF 575), generator (Mitsubishi 1600) etc. Plus we're only 2.5 hours away by car and in 'normal' times can be there fairly quickly in case of need.

Like many others, due to the Covid-19 pandemic I've not been over since early February and am unlikely to be able to do so for at least several weeks (the boat is moored in eastern France, one of the two hardest hit areas).

Assuming, say, July-August, so ca. 5-6 months as the next opportunity, and apart from the obvious such as changing out the water left in the fresh water tank and sterilising the tank, which I would do anyway, will any special electro-mechanical measures be advisable for those of us who don't 'winterise'?

Pete Clark

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Pete Clark
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