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TOPIC: Deck paint prep?

Deck paint prep? 26 Apr 2020 01:14 #115563

Our Dutch commercial barge operator friends wash the old paint with cloudy ammonia solution ( cleaning solution and water purifier) to remove residue oil and grease. It also takes the gloss off paint and apparently gives a good key to the substrate.
With your straight Awatrol paint I would wash with cloudy ammonia then a overpaint with 50/50 Owatrol / primer mix then deck paint. As an aside I have two pots of deck paint. One straight and one with grit added. The grit is for the walk ways and straight paint for the border near the bulwarks and toe rails. Water tends to linger on the grit areas and flows quicker on smooth paint moving the dirt , leaves and water quickly to the scuppers.
We walk on our cabin top so it's gritty however the very edge is gloss giving a smooth edge to rub against when walking on the lower level side side decks..
Enjoy your spring thoughts on the decks.
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Deck paint prep? 25 Apr 2020 16:11 #115558

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It's beautiful weather, and in spring an old man's fancy turns to thoughts of... painting the deck. Hoping one of you can advise on a couple of prep questions:

Rust treatment: I chipped and sanded down the rust spots to bare metal and painted them with a coat of Owatrol Oil prior to priming - but then I noticed the Owatrol spec sheet says NOT to use it on bare metal - to use a mix of primer & Owatrol instead, and only to use Owatrol on actual rusted metal. Anyone tried using straight Owatrol on bare metal?

Paint cleaner: In the old days I used TSP, but that's verboten these days, and with good reason. Anyone know of a good over-the-counter cleaner that'll clean the paint but not leave a residue? There's not much gloss left on the paint and I'll scuff up any glossy spots, so not looking for a deglosser.

Thanks in advance for any advice,


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