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Navigating and living on the waterways of Great Britain & Ireland and news of canal developments.
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TOPIC: Emails to the Forum

Emails to the Forum 10 Aug 2017 12:17 #94339

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To comment or reply to this, please visit the Website and Forum section of the Forum

For the last few years the Forum has been able to accept posts by email. This has been achieved by heavily customising a standard forum package. The customisation has had to be re-applied and re-tested each time an upgrade of the package has been released, diverting DBA's valuable IT resources from more positive work. The latest package upgrade contains major internal changes, which make our previous customisation unworkable. With regret we have decided that our only option is to abandon the post-by-email facility.

You will continue to be sent new posts by email as before. The emails will now contain a link to take you to the online forum to post a reply.

The new features in the website, which give a much clearer format on phones and tablets should make it possible to use the Forum much as you would use an email program. You do have to log in to the Forum but...
- You can remain logged in for several days before being logged off automatically
- You can change your login Username and Password to something simple in My Details on the website.

To comment or reply to this, please visit the Website and Forum section of the Forum
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