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Navigating and living on the waterways of Great Britain & Ireland and news of canal developments.
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TOPIC: Thames weekend closures May June 2020

Thames weekend closures May June 2020 19 Apr 2020 13:49 #115358

Sorry to have to say this, the most dangerous people on the motorways are the arrogant, boy racers who think they know everything, and know nothing. Smart motorways are not something found in the UK, they have been in use for several years in other European countries. Mostly without problems, a lot of motorists think the red cross above the lane means in 5 or 6 miles it is closed, no it means it is closed now not when they think it is. Now a days throughout Europe it is noticable that mostly drivers of high HP, SUV`s and estate cars from certain companies (VW, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar and Range rover) are more likely to ignore the very normal rules of the road. Indicators are an optional extra, hands free ; all options that do not get used in cars. Yes i have gone of the Subject, sorry about that.

But as a driving instructor for all type of road vehicles including Tanks, and that i work on the side of motorways on weather stations, the fact that some drivers are to stupid to realise or know what signs mean is not the fault of the treasury. It is the fault of the driver.

Rant over :)

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Thames weekend closures May June 2020 18 Apr 2020 16:11 #115342

  • Balliol Fowden
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I understand enough to know that they are highly dangerous places and that the risk to motorists is subservient to the draw on treasury coffers (our Road Fund Tax as it used to be called) that might be occasioned by enlarging the motorways safely and properly.

With respect I think you may have the terminology wrong Andy.

No hard shoulder and [very] occasional emergency lay-bys = “all lane running.”

“Smart” motorways are the ones where many people don’t know where they should be because sometimes the bit on the left is a hard shoulder, sometimes it is a running lane, sometimes it is a slip road........... and sometimes a truck is stopped in it and nobody has noticed in the control room.
I don’t use them!

I believe that the government has shelved plans for any further “smart” motorways because of the number of accidents, but “all lane running” conversions will continue.

Just to help you spot that elusive safe haven lay-by (the one that you will not quite be able to reach) many are now being painted bright yellow.

I have a theory that the safest place for a car driver to stop in an emergency will be the “fast” (usually fourth) lane since there will be less risk of being demolished by a 46 tonne truck, but fortunately I have not had occasion to test the theory yet. Long may that last. Same principle as anchoring in shallows though!


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Thames weekend closures May June 2020 18 Apr 2020 15:29 #115339

  • Andy Soper
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And if you hoped that normal boating would be resumed soon here is notice of 2/3 weekend closures on the Bray / Boveney Reach of the Thames.

Anyone really understand SMART motorways? No hard shoulder and occasional laybys?

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