DBA Calendar 2016

DBA Calendar 2016

Printing the Calendar

The calendar is in the form of an Adobe PDF file, configured at 300 dpi and for A4 paper, double sided, landscape orientation. Please contact me and I can supply a US paper size version that I have prepared already.

  1. iPhoto – the calendar is produced in iPhoto, and if you have a Mac, and wish to pay the premium cost for Apple products, then contact me and I will send you an iPhoto library containing the calendar.

  2. Printing Service – I have found these difficult to locate, and as yet, have not tested them.

    1. I am currently evaluating the service provided in the UK by FilePrint at this link.

Basically, you can upload the PDF file, and after selecting some options, it is printed and mailed to you even if international. The basic cost of printing is about £7, postage to Australia is another 7 quid, presumably less if you are in the UK or Europe.

    1. An equivalent service is provided in the US by PrestoPhoto, and looks to be about $13 for a standard US Letter calendar, postage probably extra http://www.prestophoto.com/help/Personalized+Photo+Calendar+Printing

    2. Contact me for further details. If you use these services, or know of another, please let me know so I can improve this advice.

  1. Personal Printer – print on any colour printer, preferably double sided. I suggest you print two sheets (four pages) in draft mode to check that your settings produce the correct orientation of each page.

  2. Keep the PDF file on your computer or smartdevice and view it on with your favourite PDF viewer.

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