Blue Flag Sample Copies

Blue Flag is the Barge Association's bi-monthly magazine, sent to members on paper and/or downloadable for people travelling.   These are a few samples , to whet your appetite.  


Covid-19 update; Aspects of barging; Seanne's diary; DBA 'virtual' rallies in pictures; Through the porthole with Jazz of Woodbridge; Small barge to the Baltic and beyondPart II

A new venture barging the French waterways; DBA Annual General Meeting; Advanced hybrid propulsion systems; Personality post with Simon Sparrow; Through the porthole with Nautilus

Bottom blacking;  Breathing new life into Vertrouwen  DBA Members Survey;  Cruising the big three, Bremen, Lubeck and Hamburg ; DBA Rally in the beautiful city of Ghent;  Through the Porthole - Veranderen; 

Geoffrey Bradshaw, a tribute to a fine man , Expect the unexpected, A history rediscovered, Ghent rally update, Lighter John Constable, Through the porthole with Meander, Engineer watch, shore power and batteries.

Twenty five years of barging with the DBA,  Founder members recollect,  Klipperings, News and letters, Twenty five years of advertising in Blue Flag,  Chatham rally,  Auxerre rally,  Through the porthole with Actief, The Laurel Cooper column